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Garett R
Head Trainer
Garett R
Garett is a true fitness professional. He has been a personal trainer and a group fitness instructor for over 5 years including a trainer for the Military FIP program.

He is committed to researching all elements of fitness and nutrition. He specializes in the very efficient/effective functional movement training methods. Garett has been with CKO since 2012.

What is makes you "special" at CKO ? I don't teach a kickboxing "class" I conduct a moving meditation. I will get inside your head and help you reach a state of mindfulness which means you will be 100% present in your workout. I will teach you to raise your personal standards and motivate you to work harder, push further and reach new limits!

What is your favorite thing about CKO? The people! When you get a bunch of awesome people in one room and they all focus on a singular task this creates a group flow state. A group flow state will give you laser like focus and increased stamina, it is an amazing feeling. Plus it will help you reach your goals much faster than you could ever hope to by yourself,

What is your day job? CKO by day and night

What would you tell someone considering CKO? Do it! CKO Kickboxing is not only the best form of cardio on the planet and will also improve your balance, coordination, and functional movement patterns.

What services do you offer? Mitt Sessions

Anything else you want us to add? Always Happy, Never Satisfied
John R
John R
Hometown: Norfolk, Virginia

Fitness Backgroud: High School Basketball and Football: Varsity. VMI Basketball- I made our Junior Varsity squad!!! Races- I've recently completed my first 1/2 marathon and finished 1 hour 55 minutes and 36 seconds (sub 2 hours YEAH!) never would have been possible without CKO!!! Since I've started CKO last year- I have dropped 55 lbs, and 7 inches on my waist. I have increased my overall physical strength, etc. and have paid more attention than ever to my food consumption- I still am vigilant about not putting sugar in my body.

Goals include: Being a motivated instructor/ trainer and having people excited about taking my class. Another goal is to have better/ more defined abdominal muscles. I really want to complete a Tri, Eventually complete a full marathon with a respectable/ competitive time for my age-group.

Likes : My likes include Reading, Hiking, Camping, Football, and FOOTBALL!

Dislikes: LAZY PEOPLE with no drive or ambition to improve their stake in life. Cigarettes are a big NO, NO!

Day Job: I am a high school teacher!!! I love it and am passionate about teaching kids more than History. I teach LIFE LESSONS in Personal Development which students will far remember after they leave my classroom.

Favorite part of CKO: The EXPECTATIONS!!! Constantly striving to BETTER myself in mind, body, and spirit. EXPECTATIONS are at an all time high with TEAM CKO, version 2.0. The Motivation and Support available go a long way too!!!

Interesting fact: I may seem pretty intense and GUNG-HO at CKO but when it comes to my Wife Robin and my Rat Terrier BUNNY, I'm a Cream Puff and a big-time Push- Over!
Joshua C
Joshua C
Josh has transformed his life over the past year and a half starting out as a CKO member then falling in love with fitness and the healthy lifestyle. Josh started as a member with CKO in November of 2012.

What is makes you "special" at CKO? I provide a high level of motivation that draws from living the fitness transformation

What is your favorite thing about CKO? The community of positive people who energize each other to no end.

What is your day job? I am a fitness trainer, instructor, and gym manager

What would you tell someone considering CKO? Best decision that they could make if they want to take their fitness to the next level and make that change they desire.

What services do you offer? Mitt Sessions

Anything else you want us to add? CKO is more than a gym it is a place where people come together to make an impact on their lives.
Jen K
Jen K

Fitness Background: I've never been much of a team sports person, but I have been a group fitness junkie since I was in my teens! Jane Fonda aerobics in the 80s, step aerobics in the 90s, kickboxing and Zumba in the 00s - I've tried it all. I love the energy that comes from a big group of people sweating it out together.

I taught fitness kickboxing from about 2006-2009 at a different gym (since closed). I just started teaching classes at CKO in May, and I'm loving every minute of it! As an instructor, my goal is to make you sweat and have fun. My hope is that you come into CKO and lose yourself in your workout for an hour. Bring your problems in the door with you, and leave them all on the bag!

Day Job: Intermediate Elementary Teacher at Seattle Public Schools for 15 years.

Likes: My husband, my dog, Mexican food and culture, gardening, reading, camping, bad reality TV shows, clothes and jewelry.

Dislikes: I don't like dishonesty or passive-aggressive behavior (who does, right?). I also don't like sugar-coating things and prefer straight talk. I hate putting gas in my car. I have no idea why that tops my list, but it does. Just hate it.

Interesting facts: I was born and raised in Seattle. I went to all Seattle Public Schools and UW, but I've also traveled quite a bit: all over Mexico especially. Also trips to Costa Rica, Croatia, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, and Fiji. And Canada. Does that count?

I'm 42 now and in the best shape of my life, thanks to CKO. I have always felt that I've been relatively "fit", but CKO and 2.0 have pushed my definitions of that term and caused me to strive for bigger and better fitness and health goals. I love the path that I am on, and I hope you join me!

Liz E
Liz E
Meet Elizabeth(Liz)Evans! Liz started as a Member, and is now an instructor at CKO since February, 1st 2016! Here are few questions to get to know Liz a little better!

What is makes you "special" at CKO ? I bring an extensive Taekwondo back ground.

What is your favorite thing about CKO? Working out /kicking and punching to music.

What is your day job? Medical Support, Veterans Health Care Puget Sound

What would you tell someone considering CKO? Very motivational instructors, full workout, intensity of the workouts is well worth the experience.

Anything else you want us to add? For me, next to being an former elite athlete, CKO is right up there.

Rod F
Rod  F
Fitness Background: Played football, ran track, tennis, MMA and various other actives.

Goals: become a better instructor, trainer and motivator! Likes: bacon is one of my favorite things to eat.

Day job: I work in the real estate field

Favorite part of CKO: I enjoy helping people meet their fitness goals. Anything is possible if you make a plan and set goals, and then find the right motivation to reach those goals.

Interesting fact about you: I found out there is some vegetarian food I could actually eat without complaining about it.
Tammy A
Tammy  A
Fitness background: I was introduced to the fitness world in 2011 by joining a gym. 9 months later I was fifty pounds lighter. I joined CKO a year and a half ago and wanted to pay it forward by becoming an instructor. I love teaching at CKO!

What is makes you "special" at CKO? It's all about the booty!

What is your favorite thing about CKO? Community

What is your day job? Teacher

What would you tell someone considering CKO? Try it! It's the best workout ever.
Charmaine S
Charmaine  S
Fitness Background: High school varsity volleyball and cheerleading. Enjoy running 5ks.

Likes : Cooking, spending time with my family, reality TV shows, and coffee

Dislikes: Negativity, creepy crawly things and scary movies.

Day Job: Manage a chiropractic and wellness clinic.

Favorite part of CKO: The Results!!! Seeing and hearing so many success stories are so motivating and inspiring. CKO is a very special place. The support from the members and trainers is unlike any other gym.

Interesting fact: I can recite the alphabet backwards without even thinking about it. I also have a very adventurous palate so I'll eat anything at least once.

After having my son in May 2011 I doubted that I would ever get my body back. In August 2013 I found my passion at CKO. I was addicted after my first class and I knew that this was going to help me get where I wanted to go. I made it my goal to be the strongest healthiest version of myself not only for me, but to be able to better care for my family. I became a Trainer in March 2014. I am passionate about motivating others to get out of their comfort zone and to challenge them to be a better version of themselves. People told me my body would never be the same after having a baby. They were right, I'm stronger and healthier than ever before!
Jessica R
Jessica  R
Fitness background: Played Soccer, Basketball, volleyball and ran track in High School. Ran JV cross country in college. I enjoy triathlons-I have completed numerous distance including 5 half Ironmans. I was a member of the 2010 Navy Triathlon Team. Start teaching Spin and bootcamp group fitness classes in 2009.

Likes:I love my Mac and graphic design. I am in love with Social Media. I like pedicures and the ocean.

Dislikes: I dislike tardiness (on my part or others). I don't like confrontation or spelling.

Favorite part of CKO: The people! Never have I had the chance to truly get to know so many cool people. I love the "realness" and the "back to basics" that CKO allows me to focus on. I know for at least a small portion of the day, I can have tunnel vision on pushing my body and nothing else matters!

Interesting fact. I have a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Duke University and a learning disability in spelling.
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